Terms & Conditions

In order to prove you with service, you are required to accpet the terms and conditions set out by Understandable I.T and by any upstream provider listed in these terms.

  • The domain name registrant explicitly confirms that Understandable I.T. will act as their Designated Agent in the event of any material change to domain name registrant data
  • You must agree to to the domain name aggreements that apply to your domain name. These can be found at http://park.understandableit.com.au/agreement/
  • Understandable I.T reserves the right to suspend or terminate your service should your account fall into arrears
  • Late payment fees may be charged should you pay for your service late. The amount of the fee will depend on each serice and/or domain purchased
    • Everyday Hosing - $35
    • Business grade Hosting - $85
    • G Suite Hosting (business or basic) - $35
    • Domain names: As the process is different for each domain extention these fees may be adjusted based on your extention. Depending on how long past the renewall date, the fees may change. I will pass along the cost of domain recovery + 20% service fee. An indication of the recovery charged can range from $20 up to $500. Please contact us for the current prices prior to registring your domain if you would like confirmation.
      To see an example of the lifecyce of a domain please click here
  • Understandable Provides it's services using top tier reliable providers, but can not give a uptime guarentee. We provide a best effort service and will work with you to ensure the best outcome for our clients.
  • Understanable does not allow the hosting of any adult or erotic sites, nor any sites deemed illegial in Australia.
  • It is the clients responsibility to know when thier service is due for renewall. That can be done by utilising the service at www.domains.understandableit.com.au. Understandable I.T. will assit by sending reminders out to the client by at least 10 days prior (usually longer in most cases). We ask you add our domain to your spam filters 'allow' list. We can not be held resposible should our invoices or reminders end up in your spam folder.