ICANN* are in the process of changing their Inter-Registrant Transfer policy. This email is to let you know what this means for you. ICANN are the over all body responsible for the creation and issue of domain names.

This policy affects any updates to the registrant name, organisation or email on any domains governed by ICANN. The idea is to prevent complaints with domain ownership by introducing further verification steps when a ‘material change’ is made to the registrant details. A ‘material change’ is considered any change to the registrant name, organisation or email address.

According to the policy both the old and new registrant need to verify the changes via email before it is processed. In addition to approving the change of details, the old registrant has the option to impose a 60 day transfer lock when they approve the change (think of it like a ‘cooling off period’ in which the domain name cannot be transferred to another registrar). So long as both parties approve the change the registrant contact information will be updated. If either party reject the change then the registrant contact information will not be updated and the request will essentially fail.

The policy also allows for Understandable I.T. to act as Designated Agents on behalf of their registrants to auto-approve changes on their behalf.

A Designated Agent is an entity with explicit authorisation from the old or new registrant to approve any changes to the registrant data on their behalf. This means the Designated Agent can automatically approve material changes to registrant data which ultimately means fewer emails need to be sent in the case of updates.

By default, all current domains with Understandable I.T will have Understandable I.T. set as the Designated agent, Should you wish this not to be the case, please contact me or reply to this email. You will have until 5pm Monday 18th September to send your reply. 

This change to the ICANN will not remove control for you to move your domain name to and from my or anyone else's service. This idea here is to make things easier to process should you need to update your contact details, or change the contact names on a domain. 

 ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 

Warm Regards, 

Liam Pool
Understandable I.T.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

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